Monique Coelho and the Moski Origin Story

Everyday after school, Monique would go to her mother’s salon in San Jose, CA and watch her mom work.  It seemed to her as a little girl that her mom was a magician, transforming women’s hair, sure, but also their sense of themselves.  Monique realized quickly that if she could bring clients a little peace, comfort, and a self-esteem boost like her mom, she’d have a pretty happy life – and she wasn’t wrong.
She applied herself to learning the art of hair, graduated from Federico Beauty College, and opened Moski Hair Lounge in 2012 when she was just 24. Monique places a high premium on the value of a hairstyle that works with her clients’ needs.  That means maximum style, minimum effort, and a reasonable price.
When she’s not working, Monique moves through the world gathering inspiration from the most unlikely places: travel, fine art, even food!  Her other superpower is fostering a truly great team of artists who love their vocation as much as she does. 
She named her business Moski, which means being on the inside of style, because she believes that beauty isn’t just appearance, it’s a feeling we experience from the inside out.  Everyone, according to Monique’s philosophy, has the right to feel good about themselves.
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